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Teaching Guide for "Cass Gilbert: Standing the Test of Time"

A lesson for 6th-8th grade students that connects to Minnesota Academic Standards in History, Social Studies and Art.

Download the PDF of the Teacher’s Guide [4.2MB].

This study guide will:

  • Help students gain an understanding of Cass Gilbert’s contribution to American Architecture.
  • Help students understand the art and science of the study of architecture.
  • Give students an opportunity to interpret art and architecture and to understand how architecture affects us in our everyday life.
  • Help students learn the importance of function in the design of a building.
  • Help students connect architecture to the history of the expansion of civilization in America.
  • Give students an opportunity to design a building using information and skills they have learned from watching the video “Cass Gilbert: Standing the Test of Time”, and performing the various activities in the study guide.

Other ways to connect architecture to learning:

  • Tour the Minnesota State Capitol.
  • General tours are available on a daily basis.
  • Special educational tours are available for organized groups with reservations.
  • A recommended tour that goes well with the study guide is the Architecture Adventure.
  • Call the Minnesota State Capitol for more information: 651-296-2881
  • Visit the Minnesota State Capitol website