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About This Website

The Cass Gilbert Society website was begun in 2001. As the society grew in numbers we added materials over the years. The website redesign project was begun in 2006 when an application was made for a grant to the Minnesota Historical Society. Design emphasis for this new website supports the goals of our educational mission as well as enabling a large number of future additions. In 2010 work was undertaken to build a searchable database holding descriptions of additional Gilbert works and higher quality images, made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Members who contributed to this effort are Marjorie Pearson, Linda Bjorklund, Bonnie Alton, Nicholas Marcucci, Cindy Stephani, Tom Blanck and Wendy Weimer.

This project has been financed in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota through the Minnesota Historical Society's Grants-in-Aid Program.

Additional funding has been provided by HGA Architects & Engineers, Minneapolis and a gift from the Nicholson Family Foundation.

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Continuing Evolution

We welcome your additions, corrections and comments to this collaborative website project. Please contact us.