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Advancing Scholarship and Appreciation of Cass Gilbert's Contribution to American Architecture

Not only is research continuing to further understanding of Cass Gilbert's contribution to American architecture, but also new and better learning resources of all kinds are being made available to students.

Video: Cass Gilbert: Standing the Test of Time

The Twin Cities Public Television documentary, "Cass Gilbert: Standing the Test of Time" features many contemporary Cass Gilbert experts, who, through their research, archival collections and publications, are making a contribution to a broader understanding of the importance of architectural preservation.

Video: Who Built Our Capitol?

The Labor Education Service, University of Minnesota, has released Who Built Our Capitol? The Lives and Work of the Men and Women Who Built the Minnesota State Capitol Building, directed by Randy Croce. The 47-minute documentary has had several showings to interested groups around the state and can be viewed in its entirety through the accompanying website, The website also provides access to photographs, interviews, and much of the background information that provided the basis for the film. John Sielaff, one of the project researchers, is also the author of “The Stonecutters,” published in the Spring 2014 issue of Minnesota History. The illustrated article provides extensive information and background on these skilled workers.

Video Collection:

The Cass Gilbert Society has digitized all their past lectures recorded from 1999-2017. Funding was provided through a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage fund, and the generous gifts of our members. Online access limited to researchers and Cass Gilbert Society members by request and with permission. 
Two examples are available here for the public to watch

Educational Clearinghouse: The Cass Gilbert Society

Finally, the Cass Gilbert Society itself has become a central organizer and clearinghouse of all such information, by following their mission to preserve and enhance the nation’s cultural heritage through advancing scholarship and appreciation of Cass Gilbert’s contribution to American architecture.