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"Cass Gilbert: Standing the Test of Time"

An Emmy Award-winning documentary created by Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) and the Cass Gilbert Society. The 18 minute documentary DVD was made available to every school district in Minnesota on behalf of the Cass Gilbert Society.

The story of St. Paul architect, Cass Gilbert. His life, his work, and his enormous influence on American architecture.

The story begins in St. Paul when Cass Gilbert is nine years old, and will take us on his journey across America and on to Europe as he becomes one of the most remarkable architects of his time in America.

Enjoy the beautiful Cass Gilbert architecture along Summit Avenue in St. Paul. Walk the halls of his masterpiece, the Minnesota State Capitol and follow him “when his ship comes in” and he is off to New York City, where he will eventually build the Woolworth Building, “the world’s tallest”, in 1913.

A 30 minute version of "Cass Gilbert: Standing the Test of Time" was first aired on Twin Cities Public Television on January 9, 2006.

Watch the video "Cass Gilbert: Standing the Test of Time" at Twin Cities Public Television's website Watch for repeat performances on tpt's MN channel (2.2).
(Note: as 2022, this video is available to stream at the website and on your device via the PBS Video Passport app.)

Watch online now.

Teaching Guide for "Cass Gilbert: Standing the Test of Time"

A lesson for 6th-8th grade students that connects to Minnesota Academic Standards in History, Social Studies and Art.

Download the PDF of the Teacher’s Guide [4.2MB].

This study guide will:

  • Help students gain an understanding of Cass Gilbert’s contribution to American Architecture.
  • Help students understand the art and science of the study of architecture.
  • Give students an opportunity to interpret art and architecture and to understand how architecture affects us in our everyday life.
  • Help students learn the importance of function in the design of a building.
  • Help students connect architecture to the history of the expansion of civilization in America.
  • Give students an opportunity to design a building using information and skills they have learned from watching the video “Cass Gilbert: Standing the Test of Time”, and performing the various activities in the study guide.

Other ways to connect architecture to learning:

  • Tour the Minnesota State Capitol.
  • General tours are available on a daily basis.
  • Special educational tours are available for organized groups with reservations.
  • A recommended tour that goes well with the study guide is the Architecture Adventure.
  • Call the Minnesota State Capitol for more information: 651-296-2881
  • Visit the Minnesota State Capitol website