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Cass Gilbert-Designed Works

Below is a selected sample from several hundred Cass Gilbert architectural works. Information on works designed in Gilbert’s Saint Paul office is based on original research by Thomas R. Blanck and Charles Locks, as well as sources cited with the individual entries. Information for the other works is based on cited sources and research compiled by Sonja Mason and Marjorie Pearson. Entries have been edited by Marjorie Pearson. In many instances, related Gilbert buildings are displayed for comparison, based mostly on visual qualities, type, and use. In some cases, the related buildings are by contemporary architectural peers.
Government Buildings
Minnesota State Capitol 1895-1905[1895-1905 Irish-1999; 1895-1905 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
U.S. Custom House 1899-1907[1899-1907 Irish-1999; 1899 Christen-2001] New York
Arkansas State Capitol 1900-1909, 1910-1917[1917 Irish-1999; 1900-1909, 1910-1917 Hitchcock-Seale-1976] Little Rock
Essex County Courthouse 1904-1908 [1901-1902 Irish-1999; 1904-1908 Christen-2001] Newark
Waterbury City Hall 1914-1915[1914-1915 Christen-2001] Waterbury
United States Treasury Annex 1917-1918 [1917-1922 Irish-1999] Washington
Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank 1921-1925[1922 Christen-2001; 1921 Mpls-Fed-web] Minneapolis
West Virginia State Capitol 1924-1932[1924-1932 Irish-1999; 1924-1932 Christen-2001] Charleston
United States Supreme Court 1928-1935[1928-1935 Irish-1999; 1928-1935 Christen-2001] Washington
U.S. Federal Courthouse 1929-1936 [1929-1936 Irish-1999; 1929-1936 Christen-2001] New York
Omaha Exposition Agricultural Building 1898, razed[1898 Irish-1999; 1898 Christen-2001] Omaha
Palace of Fine Arts (St. Louis Art Museum) 1901-1904[1901-1904 Irish-1999; 1904 Christen-2001] St. Louis
Madison Central High School 1904-1908, razed 1986[1905 Irish-1999] Madison
Oberlin Finney Chapel 1905-1908[1905-1908 Irish-1999; 1905-1908 Christen-2001] Oberlin
Ives Memorial Library 1907-1911[1908-1911 Irish-1999; 1907-1911 Christen-2001] New Haven
St. Louis Public Library 1907-1912[1907-1912 Irish-1999; 1907-1912 Christen-2001] St. Louis
University of Texas Library 1910-1911[1909-1911 Irish-1999; 1911 Christen-2001] Austin
Detroit Public Library 1913-1921 [1913-1921 Irish-1999; 1915-1921 Christen-2001] Detroit
Oberlin Cox Administration Building 1913-1915[1914-1915 Irish-1999 1913-1915 Christen-2001] Oberlin
Allen Memorial Art Museum 1915-1917 [1914-1917 Irish-1999; 1915-1917Christen-2001] Oberlin
University of Texas at Austin Education Building (Sutton Hall) 1915-1918[1915-1918 Irish-1999; Christen-2001] Austin
Allen Memorial Hospital 1924-1925[1924-1925 Irish-1999; Christen-2001] Oberlin
Oberlin Graduate School of Theology Quadrangle 1930-1931[1930-1931 Irish-1999; 1931 Christen-2001] Oberlin
Seaside Clinic 1931-1935 Waterford
Dayton Avenue Presbyterian Church 1885-1886 [1886 Irish-1999; 1886-1888 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
Virginia Street Church 1886 [1886 Irish-1999; 1887 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
St. Martin's Episcopal Church (Camp Memorial) 1887-1888[1887-1888 Christen-2001; 1888 Irish-1999] Minnetonka Beach
German Bethlehem Presbyterian Church 1890 [1890 Irish-1999; 1890 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
German Methodist Episcopal Church 1892-1894, razed ca. 1900[1892 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
St. Clement's Episcopal Church 1894-1895[1894-1895 Irish-1999; Christen-2001] Saint Paul
St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Virginia MN 1895 Virginia
Christ Episcopal Church of Hibbing MN 1896, razed 1945[1896 Christen-2001] Hibbing
Elizabeth Gilbert Residence 1883-1884[1882-1883 Irish-1999; 1882-1883 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
House on Virginia Avenue 1883, 1887 (moved)[1883 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
J.Q. Adams House 1883 [1884-1885 Irish-1999; Christen-2001] Saint Paul
C.P. Noyes Summer Cottage 1884 [1884 Christen-2001] White Bear Lake
D.W. McCourt House 1887[1887 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
O.W. Mosher Residence 1887[1887 Christen-2001; 1893 Irish-1999] New Richmond
C.P. Noyes Residence 1887-1889[1887-1889 Irish-1999; 1889 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
A.J. Seligman Residence 1887[1887 Christen-2001] Helena
Driscoll House 1887-1900 Saint Paul
Portland Terrace 1888-1889[1888 Irish-1999] Saint Paul
Cass & Julia Gilbert Residence 1889-1890[1890 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
J.B. Tarbox Summer Cottage 1889[1889 Irish-1999] White Bear Lake
W.H. Lightner House 1893[1893 Irish-1999; 1893 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
J.H. Skinner Summer Cottage 1894 [1894 Irish-1999] White Bear Lake
C. Livingston House 1898 [1898 Irish-1999; 1898 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
Ingram Residence 1899 Eau Claire
Severance Residence (Cedarhurst) 1911-1917 Cottage Grove
Garden House at Cannonball House (now Keeler Tavern) 1915 Ridgefield
Offices & Banks
Endicott Building 1889-1890, 1910[1889-1891 Irish-1999; 1889-1890 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
C. Gotzian & Company Building 1892, 1895[1895 Irish-1999; 1892, 1895 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
Brazer Building 1896-1899[1896-1897 Irish-1999; 1895 Christen-2001] Boston
Broadway Chambers Building 1899-1900[1899-1900 Irish-1999] New York
West Street Building 1905-1907 [1905-1907 Irish-1999; 1905-1907 Christen-2001] New York
State Savings Bank 1906[1906 Irish-1999] Butte
Woolworth Building 1910-1913[1910-1913 Irish-1999; 1910-1913 Christen-2001] New York
Union Central Life Insurance Co. Building 1911-1913[1911-1913 Irish-1999] Cincinnati
Chase Brass and Copper Building 1917-1919[1917-1919 Christen-2001] Waterbury
New York Life Building 1925-1928 [1925-1928 Irish-1999] New York
Warehouses & Stores
Clark Bryant Block 1886-1887, razed 1980 South Saint Paul
Col. C.B. Kerr Building 1888[1888 Irish-1999 1887 Saint-Cloud-HPC] Saint Cloud
Blood Warehouse (Gilbert Building) 1893-1894[1893-1894 Irish-1999; 1893-1894 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
Boston Clothing Co. (Bowlby Building) 1895, razed 1960s[1895 Irish-1999; 1895 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
Realty Company Warehouse 1895-1909 [1903 Irish-1999; 1902 Christen-1901] Minneapolis
Glass Block Building 1902 Duluth
Hotels & Clubs
Town & Country Club 1890 [1890 Christen-2001] Saint Paul
Montana Club 1903-1905[1906 Irish-1999; 1903-1906 Christen-2001] Helena
Placer Hotel 1912-1913[1912 Irish-1999; 1912 Christen-2001] Helena
Railroad Buildings
Northern Pacific Railroad Hospital - Brainerd 1883 [1883 Christen-2001] Brainerd
Northern Pacific Railroad Hospital - Missoula 1883 [1883 Christen-2001] Missoula
Great Northern Railway Depot - Grand Forks 1891 Grand Forks
Northern Pacific Railroad Depot - Fargo 1897-1900[1897-1898 MNHS-CGP; 1897-1900 Christen-2001] Fargo
Northern Pacific Railroad Depot - Bismarck 1899 Bismarck
Northern Pacific Railroad Depot - Little Falls 1899-1900[1899-1900 Irish-1999; 1899-1900 Christen-2001] Little Falls
Northern Pacific Railroad Depot - Yakima 1899 North Yakima
New Haven Railroad Station 1909-1918[Irish-1999; 1907-1918 Christen-2001] New Haven
Landscape & Planning
Roselawn Cemetery 1902-1904[1904 Christen-2001] Roseville
University of Minnesota Campus Plan 1907-1910 [1908 Irish-1999] Minneapolis
James Scott Memorial Fountain 1921-1925[1921-22 Irish-1999] Detroit